A pompon

A pompom is a pompom.

And a pompom is much more than just a pompom.

The pompom is tradition updated with sophistication for new times.

The pompom is used as a small explosion of style.

The pompom is the perfect detail.

The fresh touch. The key to originality. The different and unexpected ending.

The pompom is chic.

It's a wink. It's a giggle. It is a fun and charming detail.

We like the pompom because it invites us to play.

To imagine. To put it anywhere. To create your own style.

We want the pompom in any colour or material.

On any garment. Designed by great artists or by yourself.

The pompom has "Charme"

because it represents the childish spirit that we like.

Original and enchanting.

Unique, personal and fun.

Like the children who wear our clothes.